Maha Sudarshana Mantra – महासुदर्शन मंत्र

Maha Sudarshana Mantra – महासुदर्शन मंत्र

– For protection From Enemies, Misfortune, Planets & Ghosts

Sudarshana Chakra is the name of the powerful discus weapon of Lord Vishnu. It is considered one of the most powerful divine weapons capable of destroying all evil.

The Sudarshana Chakra (Sankrit: सुदर्शन चक्र) is a spinning, disk-like super weapon with 108 serrated edges used by the Hindu god Vishnu. The Sudarshana Chakra is portrayed on the right rear hand of the four hands of Vishnu, who also holds a Shankha (a conch shell) in his left fore hand, a Gada (mace) in his left rear hand, and a Padma (lotus bud) in his right fore hand.

According to the Puranas, Sudarshana Chakra is used for the ultimate destruction of an enemy. The depiction of Vishnu with Sudarshana Chakra also means that Vishnu is the keeper-owner of the celestial bodies and heavens.

The following Sudarshan Moola mantra can be regularly chanted to remove all miseries caused by enemies, for protection from unforeseen events and to keep evil entities like ghosts away.

Regular chanting of this mantra will cover the devotee’s body in a divine aura by the grace of lord Sudarshana. This mantra is especially useful for the exorcism of ghosts.

‘ Om shreem hreem kleem shree krishNaaya govindaaya, gopeejana vallabhaaya, paraaya parama purushaaya paramaatmane, parakarma mantra yantra tantra, oushadha astra shastraaNi samhara samhara, mrutyor mochaya mochaya, aayur vardhaya vardhaya, shatroon naashaya naashaya, om namo bhagavate mahaa sudarshanaaya deeptre jvaalaa pareetaaya sarvadik kshobhaNa haraaya, hum phaT brahmaNe paranjyotishe svaahaa “

Sudarshana Gayatri

“Om sudarshanaaya vidmahe mahaajvaalaaya dheemahi | tanno chakrah prachodayaat”

Try to repeat the mantra for 11 or 108 times daily in the morning or evening (before sunset). It can be made a highly beneficial habit to help us live happily in this ‘ Kali-Yuga’

Note – It is advised to practice proper meditation – saadhana while using this mantra.

With grace and peace,

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa –


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2 thoughts on “Maha Sudarshana Mantra – महासुदर्शन मंत्र

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  2. Om Namo Narayan! Namaskar Dr. Vickram ji. It is due to Divine Grace, that I came across your article on Maha Sudarshana Mantra. I felt strongly compelled to share it on my FB profile page. It has come into my hands in the most timely manner, as it will help me further in my meditation and mantra jaap. I thank you very much for posting this knowledge. Om and prem. – Sarada Puri

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