Your Intuitive Heart. Trust it!


Many a times a question will come to your mind and you will ask yourself, “I knew this is going to happen”, or “I should have done this”.

This happens quite often and we intuitively know something but we refrain ourselves to think on it and get out of it.

Trusting your intuition means that you listen to and trust that quiet inner voice that knows what it is you need to do, what actions need to be taken, or changes need to be made on your Life. Many of us shun this idea and don’t listen to our intuitive heart for fear that it is not based on logical thinking or because it is not based on any rational thought process. Fear is also because we can’t fathom as to how such legitimate answers be so obvious?

We do say things to ourselves like, “That is not possibly be right”, or “I can’t possibly do that”. And, as soon as we allow our thinking mind to enter the picture, we think ourselves out of it. So what we do is limit ourselves on this progressive path.

It is actually about overcoming fear and listening to your intuitive heart to give you incorrect answers. We must learn to trust it. Then maybe your life will become an adventure you will enjoy. Trusting your intuitive heart is like removing the hurdles to enjoyment and Wisdom. It’s like opening our eyes and heart wide as they are the greatest source of wisdom, grace and enlightment.

I am referring “Intuitive heart” as Intuition comes from the heart and not from the head. It is about acquisition of knowledge and making of decisions through emotions, at conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. Emotions emanate from the heart!

To hear to your intuitive heart you will need to remove any habitual self-defeating thoughts, negative energies that have made your mind their home. Eradicate all negatives that enter your mind. Learn to relax and pay attention to those unusual yet loving thoughts that begin to surface. Take note of them and take action. If, for example you feel like saying sorry to someone, go ahead and do it. If you feel like speaking to someone just call that person and say what you wish to say. If you want to appreciate someone just do it right away.  It could be anything purposeful. Just do it.

If you are reminded to change your approach towards life, pay attention. Sometimes very different thoughts might emerge from your intuitive heart. Pay attention to them and seek to understand them. You might even hear your heart telling you that you need to stop now, or maybe to slow down, or maybe to take time for yourself, then just make it happen.

Remember that you have at your disposal a foolproof guidance – navigation system. It consists of your feelings that emanate from the heart. Those thoughts will let you know whether you are on the right path, whether you are way off the path you seek, whether you are headed towards unhappiness and whether you are heading towards happiness and peace.

Your intuitive heart does not work when you are angry, depressed, stressed out or frustrated. Your navigation system will work only when you are calm, composed and you look at things objectively and sincerely look within yourself to find answers to those problems.

So ease up on your thinking sometimes and relax. Gain perspective. Your heart will certainly speak to you.

Next time you are feeling bad, rather than getting stuck in “analysis paralysis” wondering why you feel the way you do, look within and use your intuitive heart to guide you back in the direction towards understanding and serenity.

Always recognize that you are strong. Negative feelings will always exist, but try to recognize that you are all powerful enough to find all the answers to your problems yourself!

Your intuition will give you messages and if you respond to them with good action, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you are rewarded with positive, loving, optimistic experiences. Start trusting your intuition (your intuitive heart) and see the difference in your life.

With grace and peace,

Vickram Aadityaa


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