Hinduism has so many Gods and Goddesses!!

Hinduism has so many Gods and Goddesses, so many stories, so many rituals, so many philosophies and so many scriptures. Doesn’t it get confusing?? Sure it does!

Well, each opinion to his own. But when you gain knowledge you begin to see the real picture.

There is only one God. He has manifested in three forms – Creator, Preserver and Destroyer.

In other words we could say Generator Organizer Destroyer – GOD.

He repeats this cycle each time. He is only one, but is known by many names. He has one abode. We are all part of him, a part of his family.

Each form of god or goddess have their respective competencies and independent identities to either generate, organize or destroy.

Their span of control, job description, areas of influence, and responsibilities are different from one another.

Each one is known with a different name to identify itself and each one is great in his own place.

Each one exists as a part of collective responsibility and for a particular reason but all of them are part of one God.

These all forms of gods and goddesses whom are part of one GOD, philosophies, & scriptures help us to understand our lives better.

Rituals give direction to our lives. This is how Hinduism has survived for thousands of years.

So if there is only ONE GOD; then where is the question to compare who is better than the another? Why so much of debate? 

Acknowledge his Presence,
Acknowledge his Power in whichever form,
Acknowledge Him at all times and
He shall always direct thy paths!

With grace and peace,




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