Why do good people suffer?

sufferWhy do good people suffer?

People have asked me this question many times and it does have a definite reply.

It is only good and noble people who have the capacity to suffer.

And moreover they are the ones who are born many a times with some debit balance.

Most other people breakdown under adversity.

Each one is born with a credit (You get more than required by giving less) and debit (You need to give far more than you receive) balance.

Think of it from the Accounting principle perspective where each one of us has a Credit or Debit amount (Payable’s or Receivables) depending on our good or bad deeds of the past.

If one has more of debit balance (Payable’s) than Suffering is a way to pay it or balance it.

Once this account is balanced, the suffering surely ends.

What you are today is the reaction of your past actions; the total sum of your past.

Your present actions will determine your future.

One has to act now and remember to create a present of good deeds so that you have a better future.

A future of Credit balance (Receivables)!

With grace and peace,



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