Gayatri Mantra – गायत्री मंत्र

 Goddess Gayatri is the mother of all Vedas and the embodiment of knowledge. 

A person who is devoted to Gayatri Maa is capable of achieving great success in the path of self development. Goddess Gayatri inspires men to achieve wisdom. Gayatri influences the mind of the person, his intellect, heart and inner self. As soon as the divine light of Gayatri falls on an individual, the evil thoughts and falsehood drifts away from him. He moves toward a healthy, balanced and righteous lifestyle.

The Gayatri Mantra in English

Om bhoor bhuvah svah |
Tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi |
Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat ||

Meaning of The Gayatri Mantra

Om– Almighty God, the supreme spirit that protects everyone

Bhoor– the land or the earth that gives us life

Bhuvah– destroyer of sufferings, the one who takes way sufferings from everyone

Svah-embodiment of happiness and contentment

Tat– that refers to the supreme God

Savitur– luminous like the sun

Varenyam– most exalted or outstanding

Bhargo– as pure as the rays of the Sun

Devasya– divine, which belongs to the God

Dhimahi– imbibe

Dhiyo– intellect

Yo– who (referring to the supreme spirit)

Nah– our

Prachodayat– inspire us to do good deeds

The Gayatri Mantra is a universal prayer. It can be chanted by anyone, women, men or children, irrespective of race, caste and creed. It is universal prayer to the Almighty God, who is the creator of this universe, who gives essence to our existence, removes all our pains and sufferings, and grants us happiness by showering his divine grace on us. By worshipping him, we achieve brilliance that leads us to righteous path.

Why to chant Gayatri Mantra?

Religious texts say that chanting the Gayatri mantra with proper meditation and following the proper methods remove all the obstacles and sufferings affecting the mind and the body. It generates zeal and positivity within the individual. It encourages noble thoughts, improves judgment, self-confidence, patience, peacefulness and satisfaction. All the negative vibes and influences are eliminated. The Gayatri Mantra promotes knowledge, creativity, insight, prosperity, fame and longevity. It protects one from all kinds of problems and sufferings.


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