The 7 Chakras – चक्र

The Chakras

There is too much of chakra talk going on everywhere. Do you really know what they are and what they mean?

Especially in the West, wherever you go, there are “wheel alignment centers” where they “align” your chakras and this and that. From yoga studios to chiropractics, everybody is doing chakras these days. That has become the fashion.

So what are chakras? “Chakra” means “a wheel” or “a circle.” Because it embodies movement from one dimension to another, it is referred to as a chakra, but it is actually a triangle.

The seven fundamental chakras

What is it that the chakras do in the system? The seven fundamental chakras are known as

1) Muladhara, which is located at the perineum, the space between the anal outlet and the genital organ;

2) Swadhishthana, which is just above the genital organ;

3) Manipura, which is just below the navel;

4) Anahata, which is just beneath where the rib cage meets;

5) Vishuddhi, which is at the pit of the throat;

6) Ajna, which is between the eyebrows; and

7) Sahasrara also known as brahmarandra, which is at the top of the head, where when a child is born, there is a soft spot.

If your energies are dominant in:

1) Muladhara, then food and sleep will be the most dominant factors in your life. Mooladhara is really made up of two terms: “Moola” means the root or source, and “adhar” means the foundation. It is the very basic foundation of life. In the physical body, your energies need to be in the Mooladhara chakra to some extent. Otherwise, you cannot exist.

2) Swadhishthana, pleasures will be most dominant in your life – you seek pleasures, you enjoy the physical reality in so many ways. When this chakra is active, you enjoy the physical world in so many ways. If you look at a pleasure seeker, you will see that his life and his experience of life are just a little more intense compared with a person who is only about food and sleep.

3) Manipura, you are a doer; you can do many things in the world. You are all about action. You can do many, many things.

4) Anahata, you are a very creative person. A person who is creative in nature, like an artist or an actor, is someone who lives very intensely — more intensely, perhaps, than a businessman, who is all action.

5) Vishuddhi, you become very powerful. You become a very powerful human being, but this power is not just political or administrative. A person can be powerful in many ways. A person can become so powerful that if he just sits in one place, things will happen for him. He can manifest life beyond the limitations of time and space.

6) Ajna or if you attain to ajna, then intellectually, you are realized. You have attained to a new balance and peace within you. The outside no longer disturbs you, but you are still experientially not liberated.

7) Sahasrara, you are connected to the divine.You become ecstatic beyond all reason. You will simply burst with ecstasy for no reason whatsoever.

With grace and peace,

Vickram Aadityaa



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