Tarot Cards – Remember and Understand

Tarot card Readings – Things to remember and understand..

  1. A tarot reading is a life’s journey. It’s a story. During a reading we understand what role we play, the various other and their roles in our life and our actions and reactions to life and circumstances in general.
  2. Tarot is an intuitive compass, so forget the whole idea of “reading the future.”
  3. Tarot is a mirror. It reflects YOU in your entirety.
  4. Tarot reading is an art which one masters over time. The interpretation is important – much more important than the visuals and pictures on the cards. It is all about intuition (perception)!
  5. Tarot readings should not be conducted by people who simply buy a deck of cards and learn meanings of each card described in the accompanying book and then start readings without practicing enough. Tarot card readings should be conducted by people who can perceive beyond the pictures and visuals on the cards.
  6. Interpretation is Knowledge + Intuition.
  7. Always remember the tarot and other card oracles are pieces of cardboard with pictures on them. The magic, wisdom, information is in the reader, not in the cards. The Reader is the tarot! The cards are nothing without him.
  8. Tarot readings is a lot more than what people TRULY believe!

With grace and peace,




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