Taurus – How do they use their Intuition?

Taurus is careful when using intuition. This Earthy spirit moves as though each step along the way must have solid ground underfoot.

Intuitive forces are welcomed if they promise to lead to practical results. Stability is the lifeline of this sign.

Creative power builds slowly and releases with a force that can knock any obstacle out of its way. On occasion, the universe asks Taurus to allow the intuition it sends greater spontaneity to roam more freely to point the way to new abundant turf.

Intuition will entice Taurus to drop a resistance to trying alternative ways to happiness and seeking greater challenges.

There are times when intuitive forces will encourage this venus-ruled sign to have greater belief in ideals and not fear fighting for them.

The synchronicity that might result when Taurus has faith in intuition is a life of balanced inner peace sitting along side an outer life that is aligned with creative potential.



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