Gemini – How do they use their Intuition?

Gemini is fast-thinking and mentally excited when using intuition. This Airy spirit moves briskly through life, skipping along with ideas that constantly pulsate through those electrifying brain synapses.

Diversity and open options are as dear to Gemini as oxygen is to breathe. Intuitive flashes stimulate this sign to move quickly with mental objectivity and with laser-like perceptions that stay eager for new information.

The universe sends intuitive clues to Gemini about networking with the right people and keeping abreast of the latest societal trends. Communication is what inspires this Mercury-ruled sign to make use of intuition and it is the gateway for it to manifest.

There are instances when the universe asks Gemini to intuitively change course and pursue deeper knowledge that can take this curious sign to self-mastery.

The synchronicity that can manifest when Gemini learns not to fear using emotional energy is a life filled with a clearer mental balance and less psychological burnout.



2 thoughts on “Gemini – How do they use their Intuition?

  1. How do I get talking with you. I recently started understanding why we are here and how to go about it but I’ll need more insight as this is new to me. Thanks.

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