Leo – How do they use their Intuition?

Leo engages intuition in a dramatic and lively manner (it is more like a roar with this solar-ruled Fiery spirit). Being the center of attention is sometimes a desire with this sign, but not always is this the case.

The universe can send messages that tuning into intuition is a matter of self-confidence but can require a dose of humility. Leo has a strong pride in seeing its efforts bring results.

Flexibility is the key to making use of intuition for Leo, and it may not come easy. The interesting thing about Leo is that sometimes it is well in the middle of a plan or creative process that intuitive instincts get clearer and stronger.

It is crucial for Leo not to lose confidence or patience when an idea takes time to come to fruition. Why? Because this is when the intuitive process may be gaining greater strength and insight.

The synchronicity that greets Leo when having faith in intuition is more fulfilling love shared with others and feeling the full intensity of creative exploration that can produce recognition from others.



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