Scorpio – How do they use their Intuition?

Scorpio has a strong tenacious emotional field surrounding its consciousness, and intuition has to knock extra hard to penetrate this very focused Watery spirit.

It should be said that when this Pluto-ruled sign lets intuition guide its thinking and feelings, amazing creative power can manifest with great passion! This is a sign that often has an agenda that may remain hidden but eventually made visible to those they trust.

When the universe comes calling with intuitive gifts Scorpio must decide, sooner or later, what to do with this energy. It is not so unusual for the universe to send a second and possibly a third wave of intuitive energy in a persistent manner to get the attention of this sign that prefers life on its own terms.

Learning to convert negative tendencies into positive expression leads to self-mastery and success.

Synchronicity surfaces in the form of a sense of rebirth, insights into marketing skills, and renewed personal empowerment when facing inner fears through embracing honest self-examination.



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