Graven Images Oracle


Graven Images Oracle

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The Graven Images Oracle is a ‘system of prediction’ deck of 71 cards, depicting cemetery imagery and interesting photographs of gravestones and monuments.

The images in the cards have not been altered or enhanced, but reflect the symbols and statuary as they appear in their natural condition, and are used for prediction and meditation based on their own symbolic merit.

The Graven Images Oracle is a stand-alone oracular system. Unlike a tarot deck, it has a different structure of 71 instead of 78 cards, and instead of the usual tarot archetypes, it works with the weighty and sombre symbolism and real imagery of the cemetery gravestones and memorials and persons unknown.

The cards are of good quality, glossy card stock. The backs show a photo of a cemetery stone engraved with a willow tree. They are not reversible. The face of the cards has a 1/4” black border. The card title is centered on the bottom of the card, in white lettering.

Spirit Divine

Light: 1. Book 2. Window 3. Gate 4. Celtic Cross 5. Temple 6. Intercession 7. Triumph, Dark: 8. Confinement 9. Wreath 10. Doorway 11. Wheel 12. Vault 13. Petition 14. Obelisk

Physical – Light: 1. Sun (Fire) 2. Cauldron (Water and Fire) 3. Lily (Water and Earth) 4. Wheat (Earth and Fire) 5. Poem (Air) 6. Candles (Air and Fire) 7. Sphere (Holistic)

Shadow: 8. Torch (Fire) 9. Cup (Water) 10. Willow (Water and Earth) 11. Oak (Earth) 12. Sword (Air) 13. Anchor (Earth and Water) 14. Chain (Four Elements needed to forge chain)

Mental – Light: 1. Freedom 2. Reflection 3. Watcher 4. Traveler 5. Serenity 6. Spirit 7. Arrow

Shadow: 8. Ivy 9. Portrait 10. Mourner 11. Sentinel 12. Envy 13. Column 14. Border

Social – Light: 1. Amity 2. Patience 3. Promise 4. Blessing 5. Clan 6. Memory 7. As Above

Shadow: 8. Apathy 9. Fidelity 10. Haven 11. Empty 12. Sleeper 13. Urn 14. Serpent

Emotion – Light: 1. Lamb 2. Heart 3. Strength 4. Karma 5. Star 6. Crown 7. Joy

Shadow: 8. Loss 9. Temptation 10. Illness 11. Sacrifice 12. Conformity 13. Despair 14. Memento Mori

Name: Graven Images Oracle
Creators: Natalie Zaman, Katharine Clark
Publisher: Galde Press 2007
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 71
Suits: Divine, Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional
Card Titles: book, window, gate, celtic cross, temple, intercession, triumph, confinement, wreath, doorway, wheel, vault, petition, obelisk, sun, cauldron, lily, wheat, poem, candles, sphere, torch, cup, willow, oaks, sword, anchor, chain, freedom, reflection, watcher, traveler, serenity, spirit, arrow,ivy, portrait, mourner, sentinel, envy, column, border, amity, patience, promise, blessing, clan, memory, as above, apathy, fidelity, haven, empty, sleeper, urn, serpent, lamb, heart, strength, karma, star, crown, joy, loss, temptation, illness, sacrifice, conformity, despair, memento mori

Card Size: 4.75 x 2.75 in. = 12.06cm x 6.99cm

Card Language: English
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: Photo of a cemetery stone with a willow tree

Companion Material: Book with symbol, interpretation and sample readings.

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