Virgo – How do they use their Intuition?

Virgo screens intuition carefully, or perhaps it is more accurate to say listens to it as though it is auditioning it for a part in a play.

When convinced an intuitive insight has merit, this Mercury-ruled Earthy spirit can put ideas to work in a hurry. Mental persistence and an analytical nature come standard with this sign.

When the universe sends intuitive information in the form of thoughts, dreams, or ideals, it is key for Virgo not to too quickly write them off as unreal or impractical.

In between the lines of a symbol could be the inspirational force needed to carry out a special project or pursue a fulfilling goal. Virgo is wise not to dwell on negative thinking.

It is the talent to sense perfection from imperfection that separates this sign from the others. When transcending self-doubt life is more magical and opportunities come quicker.

The synchronicity reward can suddenly become a reality when surrendering a relentless attention to detail to trusting an intuitive hunch and acting with faith in beliefs.



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