Libra – How do they use their Intuition?

Libra weighs intuition thoughtfully on a scale of what would be the right choice to make to avoid conflict. This sign does like the feeling it can experience when finally resolving difficult decisions.

This Venus-ruled Airy spirit has a knack in utilizing intuition in an artistic way. Social interacting and romance often launches intuitive intensity in this sign.

Mental insights can guide Libra toward a deeper way of intuiting the right paths to self-growth and inner fulfillment. Indecision is what can throw a major curve ball into moving forward with assertiveness.

Walking that delicate balance between satisfying personal goals with expectations of others is a constant need. The universe may send a strong intuitive signal to Libra that jumping off the fence of not making a decision is liberating. Becoming un-conflicted about making choices is freedom.

People skills are usually highly developed in this sign. Synchronicity is a pleasant surprise achieved through not second-guessing a well-conceived plan and not overly trying to please others.



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