Cancer – How do they use their Intuition?

Cancer becomes emotional and intrigued by the use of intuition. Honest! This Watery spirit knows something magical is taking place and eventually becomes a witness to the intuitive process itself as events transpire connected to utilizing this energy.

Intuition is more of a ritual for Cancer, and for some of this sign a deep spiritual/religious experience. Home, family, pets, and nature are allies.

The universe at times asks Cancer to initiate a plan to act on but then suddenly sends a second wave of intuition that says pause. It is this rhythm of move and pause that allows Cancer to more clearly adopt a life script that fits its needs.

Some perceive Cancer as complicated to understand for this reason, although this Moon-ruled sign simply sees this as business as usual. The Ocean’s tides have a similar pulse in that they come in and move out with predictable movement, and so does this lunar-ruled sign.

The synchronicity that can find birth when Cancer consciously embraces intuition is a life aligned with emotional security, clear dependency needs, and rewarding creative accomplishments.



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