Sagittarius – How do they use their Intuition?

Sagittarius moves so fast that it appears actions and intuition occur simultaneously. It should be said that this Fiery spirit might not necessarily even be aware that intuition is leading the charge forward.

This sign lit with a fuel-injected enthusiasm has really no rival in this department of feeling naturally optimistic. Occasionally a little slowing down allows this Jupiter-ruled sign a fast instant to grab the hand of intuition and make the right choice in the nick of time.

Life is more rewarding when Sagittarius keeps an open mind and stays clear of dogmatism. The universe is more likely to send intuitive waves when this fireball maintains a broad perspective.

Perceiving the cup as at least half full keeps options open and opportunities plentiful. When the mind is radiating a generous energy and hunger for learning, intuitive power is readily available.

Travel on the mental and physical planes accelerates the pace that intuition works for this sign.

Synchronicity manifests in the form of luck and sudden new adventures.



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