Aries – How do they use their Intuition?


This Fiery spirit is like a laser beam of enthusiasm. The warrior sign can be bold to put intuition to work while everyone else is still thinking about taking the first step!

Creative power manifests like a bolt of lightning. However, there is another side of the coin to consider. There are times intuitive forces are asking this Mars-ruled fire sign to slow down (the reason being that Aries can actually get greater results when pausing for a moment to consider the consequences of actions).

Also, long-range planning or adopting a little structure can empower the intended plan. The reward for taking the time to deepen an intuitive awareness is spending less energy to get the same result, maybe even a better one.

The synchronicity that can manifest when Aries utilizes clear intuition is more balanced relationships, career success, and a clearer sense of identity.


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