Capricorn – How do they use their Intuition?

Capricorn┬áputs intuition to the test. This “show-me” Earthy spirit has a very pragmatic mind.

There is a protective guard around this sign similar to Saturn, its planetary ruler. The universe is attracted to the structure-orientation of Capricorn because it knows it has found a reliable vehicle to create through.

The test for Capricorn is to relax enough into intuitive energy and really go with its flow. It can then sense the rewards that comes from having the faith to release this creative power into the world.

Intuitive energy knows it will be well-utilized in this very grounded sign; there is no other sign as determined to finish what is started. Responsibility and ambition come naturally.

Relinquishing fear releases endless opportunities. Synchronicity comes through not resisting change and balancing common sense with higher ideals.



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