Aquarius – How do they use their Intuition?

Aquarius can run like the wind with intuition as though it has been hit by a bolt of sudden, lightning-like insight! The mind of this Uranus-ruled Airy spirit does not move in a linear fashion.

Some would perceive this as erratic, but to Aquarius this is just an ordinary routine. This sign thinks very fast as a general rule and might not be aware it is following an intuitive impulse.

Seeking new and interesting life pursuits is a constant drive. This is not a very emotional sign; feelings are stored within a logical framework.

The inventive nature of Aquarius is in its DNA. A desire to rebel against a regular schedules is sometimes when intuition manifests almost by accident. When the universe blows waves of intuition toward this breezy soul it intrigues the intellect of Aquarius.

It is the challenge that intuition presents in the form of a puzzle that entices this sign to move forward in unique ways. Synchronicity emerges when Aquarius is acting upbeat and excited about a future filled with unusual experiences.



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