Aquarius Moon Sign (21st January to 18th February)


KUMBHA RASHI ~ Moon Sign Aquarius – The Moon in Aquarius

  • Individuals with the moon in Aquarius are keen observers.
  • They like to analyse why do people behave in the manner they do and love to study human nature. However, they themselves are usually shy in nature and often seem to be detached from their surroundings.
  • There seems to be a contradiction in their nature. While they have a great capacity of making friends and often they have a huge number of friends, but deep down, when they are in their own elements, they would like to be alone and spend time on their own.
  • These individuals have a strong ego and it is not in their very nature to be mainstream or fit in with people.
  • They would always like to be different from others in every way and even are eccentric in nature.
  • Also, while these individuals may display great tact in understanding the feelings and emotions of others, they usually lose the track of their own emotions and feelings. This happens as they get too much involved in what they want to achieve in life rather than being in touch with reality.
  • These individuals always expect to be accepted as they are, along with their eccentricities, which is very difficult for the ordinary mortal.

Positive Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Aquarius have a magnetic personality and are very attractive.
  • These individuals can be idealistic and progressive in nature and they may consider themselves to be above the common human follies of possessiveness, jealousy and the kind. While this may be true, it also makes them distant and aloof from others.
  • On the other hand, individuals with the moon in Aquarius are extremely kind and compassionate. They may be the first to lend a helping hand to someone in distress and they do that without expecting anything in return.
  • They tend to be confident in giving their partners a lot of freedom.
  • Due to their optimism and friendliness, they usually attract a lot of friends.
  • Basically, these persons are kind of intellectuals who are both intense and intuitive.
  • They put a lot of stress on the value of freedom, both on a personal level as well as in the wider sense.
  • They can work with great passion and effort on a cause they believe in.
  • When they are in their elements, they are usually playful and childlike in nature, displaying a great sense of humour.
  • They are great dreamers as well, giving a flight to their imagination.
  • Usually, these individuals are loyal and trustworthy.
  • They have a unusual charm in them which people find difficult to resist.

Negative Qualities 

  • Individuals with the moon in Aquarius tend to stay distant and aloof from others.
  • While they may have a lot of friends generally, in reality, they don’t allow anyone to come close to them and maintain a distance from people. They tend to create an invisible barrier between themselves and others which others find difficult to scale.
  • These individuals also exhibit the characteristic of being extremely stubborn about getting their way.
  • They may also be prone to temper tantrums and become unpredictable.
  • These individuals can tend to be unreliable about the details and may seem to be lost in their own dream world.
  • In addition, they don’t take criticism kindly and this affects them adversely.
  • As described earlier, even in the matters of relationship, these individuals appear to be distant and don’t express their emotions openly to the peril of their partner.

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