Capricorn Moon Sign (22nd December to 29th January)


MAKAR RASHI ~ Moon Sign Capricorn – The Moon in Capricorn

Moon Sign Traits

  • Individuals with the moon in Capricorn have a strong desire of being productive and useful.
  • Whatever emotional turmoil they might be undergoing beneath the surface, they always appear to be calm, collected and in control of the situation.
  • These individuals are highly competent and always are in the habit of setting realistic goals for themselves and work tirelessly to achieve them.
  • They constantly assess the clear boundaries they have set for themselves and are no risk takers. They prefer to remain safe and secure in every situation and tend to plan ahead for any eventuality.
  • These individuals seldom wear their emotions on their sleeves and always like to project a picture of moderation and being in charge.
  • These individuals often tend to hide their inner softer side that is as relaxed as any other sign.
  • Individuals with the moon in Capricorn may give an impression that they are cold and calculating in nature, however, in reality, things are quite different. They just don’t like to give a public display of their emotions and instead of that, prefer to remain organized and efficient.
  • They have a deep understanding of their own shortcomings and make that extra effort to overcome them.
  • These individuals have a strong urge to feel worthwhile and competent in the eyes of others and they always want to be respectable in the eyes of others.

Positive Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Capricorn are usually practical in nature and are competent to the core.
  • They like to set realistic goals for themselves and work with devotion to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.
  • These individuals tend to be efficient and organized and often display a strong sense of purpose.
  • These individuals are patient in nature and can endure a lot of hardships.
  • Individuals with the moon in Capricorn have a strong sense of duty and usually take the initiative for assuming responsibilities in the job or domestic front.
  • These individuals like to get their own way in things and situations.
  • They are extremely strong willed and usually are highly ambitious too. This trait, along with their affinity towards working hard, makes them highly successful in whatever work they undertake.
  • These individuals tend to do well in public positions.
  • Usually, these individuals are highly intelligent and they know the value of knowledge, using it for their benefit.
  • They basically are dignified individuals who like to concentrate well on the job at hand.
  • These individuals seldom like to sit idle and are in a great position to motivate others, leading by example.

Negative Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Capricorn don’t know how to deal with the mess of emotions and are frightened of the prospect of dealing with such delicate matters.
  • These individuals are their own worst critics and are often really hard on themselves.
  • Most often or not, these individuals feel that they give more than they get.
  • In a relationship, these individuals tend to be insensitive to the needs and emotions of their partner.
  • They are constant worriers and find it difficult to relate to those who have different set of values and beliefs.
  • These individuals have a torrid time discussing their own problems.
  • They rarely feel relaxed and contend about themselves.
  • They have a strong fear of rejection as well.
  • Another drawback of these individuals is that unless everything is clear cut, they feel insecure and are afraid of spontaneity.
  • Also, they tend to hold anger and resentment deep inside them, and due to their inability to deal with such feelings, can cause ill health in them.

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