Astrology – Why? How? When?

Awakening – Dimensions.

While many believe in astrology and refer to the daily ‘astro’ to take decisions, the theory yet remains in ambiguity.

Astrology could be divided in 3 major parts. On the outermost part or the first part is nonessential. There everything is circumstantial, uncertain and unpredictable. The more we talk about external happenings, the more there is coincidence.

The second part is the middle layer, the semi-essential layer. There is possibility of transformation if the right choice is made.

The third part is the core, the essence. It cannot be changed. When it is known, the only way is to cooperate with it.

The real thing is the third. It is the quintessence of everything. It belongs to the innermost and is absolutely predetermined. The more one moves toward one’s center, the nearer one comes to the essential, the predetermined part. With inner phenomena things begin to appear scientific, as if based on a definite law. They become more and more decisive.

Between these two conditions – the peripheral and the essential – in the middle layer there is ample room to effect changes by exercising one’s freedom of choice. Here, someone with awareness will make the correct choice, and the right way is to start moving towards your center. A person who is in the darkness of ignorance, though, will drift into his destiny, putting up with whatever comes his way.

Our lives are monitored or shaped by many forces. Universe, genetics, environment, astrology, god, luck, magic, karma, all matter at some point or the other or they don’t, take your pick. There are many parameters and astrology is simply one of them.

Astrology does provide answers, but are they completely correct and is it completely true?

Birth chart is a set of symbols that can do an incredible job of describing various aspects of personality and life cycles. Astrological charts offer deep insight and describe the mechanics of an individual’s behaviour.

Does that mean that our birth charts influence our behaviour and future to such an extent that our own doings have no meaning?

Well! No. Astrology cannot be an answer to all queries, it is also our disposition and attitude towards life that carries much value. “Our past karma (action) and our present karma (action) has a lot to do with our future. This might not reflect in our birth charts.”

“The planets in the birth chart do show where we are now and where we would be but they don’t make us who we are”. “The atman (self-soul) is much more mysterious than that. The reason why we are here and the force which can keep us alive – whether it is our spirit or our soul or something else is beyond astrology.

Reincarnation theory does offer answers to questions related to “why our life is as it is now” based on our karma (action) of our past lives but many do not believe in this theory. Actually it holds itself strong and my experience tells me that one can actually benefit knowing “why our life is as it is now” and “what it could be?”

But then is it part of Astrology? Well! Sometimes we need to look beyond these symbols, planets, stars and reach out to understand what this theory actually means and how it can help us.

Astrology is what we make of it. “Fearful individuals crushed by the assumed weight of fate will see their problems boldly spelled out by the challenges in their birth charts.

Planets, like parents, are influential factors in our life stories. They can provide explanations and excuses, as does any system of personality analysis. But they are not the only thing. “A person is made of what he is brought up on, what he eats, drinks, the company he keeps and much more. And let’s not forget the karmic patterns”.

” It’s all about perspective, which changes with time”.

People tend to believe in astrology based on their certain experiences in life.

A highly rich and successful person who claims to have built his life to a level where he thinks he is the sole creator; astrology will not really matter. But he should take advice for spirituality and enlightment.

But people who are less fortunate or less blessed do sometimes take the path to astrology to understand themselves and find answers to their issues/problems.

We should appreciate that this path is available for each one of us. Needless to mention it is to be used as a guideline and there should be no complete dependency on astrology.

Astrology can become a tool in your hands only if you distinguish the essential from the nonessential.

With grace and peace,



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