Aries Moon Sign (21st March to 20th April)


MESHA RASHI ~ Moon Sign Aries – The Moon in Aries

Moon Sign Traits

  • Individuals with the moon in Aries react at the speed of light and the word restraint is not in their dictionary.
  • Their response, more often than not, will be on the basis of their emotions and they feel passionately about everything.
  • Moon in Aries signifies the enthusiastic and impulsive nature of the subject.
  • If they take fancy to anything or some idea strikes their mind, then they jump into action almost instantly without the preliminary groundwork and start the implementation of their idea as soon as possible.
  • Things just don’t ‘happen’ for individuals having their moon in Aries, rather things and events should ‘fly’ which is in tandem with their hasty nature.
  • These individuals are spontaneous and determined, which makes them desiring a constant need of action all the time.
  • These individuals would opt for playing it straight all the time and don’t take the path of manipulation or deception.
  • They have an aura of innocence around them and also like to have authority and power under their control.
  • These people seldom can follow and are fiercely independent.

Positive Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Aries are always happy, optimistic and impatient (fast).
  • These individuals personify the ‘living for the moment’ approach and they seldom think long term regarding their fast paced actions.
  • What they strive for is instant gratification and want quick results to the actions they take.
  • As they are in a haste, they cannot bear to wait to see the impact of their actions. Thus, a constant need to be in action always is a quality inherent in them.
  • Such individuals are extremely passionate about everything and don’t hesitate to put forward openly what they feel and don’t have the tendency to keep things confined to themselves. In other words, these people don’t hold grudges.
  • They would be quite vocal about expressing their displeasure if they don’t like a certain thing. This makes them open and frank.
  • Additionally, these individuals are extremely independent and have the attitude of a go getter who pursues with unlimited energy and force the object of their desire.

Negative Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Aries hold scant regard for the weak and tend to destroy the little people who cannot keep pace with their lightening speed.
  • Even though they don’t hold any grudges, these individuals take everything personally. They have rapidly changing emotions and can burst into bouts of anger over small small issues.
  • As normally they don’t think before they perform any action, they tend to shrug off their responsibilities in case anything goes wrong with their actions and move on to their next line of action, without feeling any sense of accountability.
  • The other negative qualities these individuals exhibit are that they can be overconfident, aggressive, self indulgent and foolhardy.
  • These people have an inherent problem of confusing their wants as their needs and thus often overindulge and overspend.
  • Also, they are often selfish in nature.

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