Intuitive Psychic Readings

What are Intuitive Psychic Readings?

As an Intuitionist and Psychic, I use a combination of innate heightened intuition, guided meditation and Traditional Divination Tools such as Physiognomy (Face Reading), Chiromancy (Palmistry), Tarot, & Astrology.

During an intuitive psychic reading, as I get to know you, the energy around you crystallizes into a picture of life patterns I can then describe back to you, clarifying your situation. In this way I help you make sense of specific events and situations in your life.

Readings are a conversation between you, me and the spiritual guides (messengers of the higher self). I don’t really have any desire to enlighten skeptics or impress people who converse with me.

What I want to do is use my best competency and ability to help my clients feel better and know themselves and navigate through the situations they happen to be in. I see Intuitive readings as an extension of my creative work.

How does Intuitive psychic reading work?

I receive information in four ways:

  • I hear. I listen.
  • I see. I observe. I read your Face.
  • I feel. I sense emotions and also physical conditions.
  • I know. I just know something!

I gather all this information and tell you what it feels like to me and we move on from there.

My readings are spiritual and practical and through combination of intuition, divine messaging, tarot cards and spiritual teaching I will provide you with clarity and deep understanding about the best next step for your personal growth and healing.

Intuitive Psychic Readings are a great first step to begin enhancing the natural flow within your life.

The goal is to help you see yourself for all that you are, and where you are on your path, by looking at you as a spirit in relation to your present time situations.

You will likely immediately notice some sort of shift within your energy when you receive feedback in this manner.

These readings will NOT tell you how to win the lottery or set your future in stone. They WILL provide some insight into current roadblocks and growth that you are going through. In turn, helping to you to release unwanted energies and be able to more clearly focus on your next steps.

An intuitive psychic reading can be an amazing tool to help empower ourselves, understand what our strengths are, shining light to our strengths, talents, challenges and lessons so we may be shown how to use these areas in our lives to wake up each day striving to reach our greatest potential.

I am an ever evolving and adapting Psychic Empath. I do intuitive readings, and I am here to help others work through their own issues that nag inside and help them find light which they might have lost through challenges.

I personally guide you and mentor you through the time of the consultation using my heightened intuition and perception.

I reveal your soul purpose, lessons and obstacles in this lifetime. Then we look at where you are today, and how to best align with your plan, overcome your blocks, and restore your well being in times to come.

The result is getting the answers that you need to proceed with grace and peace.

You will be able to return to your most authentic self and start to live as you want with confidence.

We all fear not living out our true destiny but what we have forgotten is that in our lives our destiny is naturally attracted to us through our higher power as we learn to develop, grow and connect to our inner wisdom.

It is through our soul’s growth and evolution that we begin to naturally live up to our greatest potential. Once we begin living up to our greatest potential we then immediately start watching our lives unfold miraculously.

With grace and peace,

Intuitive Psychic Vicky


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