Purpose of Intuitive Readings

Real Purpose of Intuitive Psychic Readings

The real purpose of the readings is getting rid of confusion to make a decision, gaining more clarity, recognizing challenges in regards to your health, work, relationships and finances and available routes to take in order to overcome them.

  • Gain an understanding and clarity of your life’s purpose during this lifetime.
  • Greater ability to take conscious control over your life and gain back your innate power.
  • A profound and energetic shift in consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Readings will empower You in your life.

So when seeking out an intuitive reading, rather than asking to have your fortune told, use this opportunity instead as a tool to empower yourself to live up to your greatest potential.

Use this experience as a means to help you see what the best route is to follow to create that wonderful destiny that you have always dreamed of.

Remember, you have the inner wisdom within you which hold the key to make anything possible.

During your reading you’ll receive guidance in areas such as:

Career, Work, Relationships & Life Purpose

Do You Feel Stuck?

  • Are you in a situation or period of your life where you seem stuck?
  • Do the days go round and round with nothing changing; no matter how much you engage in positive thinking?
  • Do the same situations keep appearing in your life like a broken record?
  • Are you frustrated with certain areas of your life and not getting the results you want?
  • Do you feel you have chosen the wrong career?

I will TELL you what your future holds. But everything that takes place is based on YOUR current thoughts and YOUR current path.

Nothing is concrete, as there is free will and we are free to make choices on our own accord.

I am a Psychic Empath but I can’t pick winning lottery numbers.

I’m also not the best choice if what you’re looking for is entertainment. There’s not a lot of glitz and flash in what I do, if you know what I mean.

Chances are, I may be echoing your own intuition………

With grace and peace,

Intuitive Psychic Vicky


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