Libra Moon Sign (23rd September to 23rd October)


TULA RASHI ~ Moon Sign Libra – The Moon in Libra

Moon Sign Traits

  • Individuals with the moon in Libra have the reputation of being the peacemaker of the zodiac.
  • They have a natural affinity for balance and harmony and would go to great lengths in achieving the same.
  • These individuals tend to be tactful with people and situations and are natural diplomats.
  • Persons with a Libra moon don’t like to be alone and they flourish in a partnership. Thus, they are very sociable in nature and are sympathetic towards the viewpoints of others and are great listeners.
  • They love a rousing debate and tend to articulate their viewpoint in an effective manner.
  • Such individuals are always on the lookout for company that can understand them emotionally and with whom they can establish an intellectual rapport as well.
  • Generally, these individuals are charming and attractive in nature and are often accused of flirting.
  • One of their plus points is that they usually tend to be very gentle and refined in their mannerisms. Often, these desirable qualities give them the tact of forging new friendships with people easily.
  • Individuals with the moon in Libra tend to have a strong focus on goals they want to fulfil in their life and most often or not, will accomplish their set goals by enlisting the support of others.
  • Such individuals make excellent planners and strategists but lack in the implementation of their ideas on the ground.
  • Also, they are very uncertain in everything and take a long time in arriving at a conclusion.

Positive Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Libra possess great natural charm and enjoy tactful handling of situations.
  • Possessing a great sense of balance and an innate sense of harmony and fair play, these people can do anything to achieve balance and harmony in their life.
  • These individuals often act as a source of inspiration in their lives and in the lives of their near and dear ones with whom they tend to share a constructive bond.
  • They are bestowed with the qualities of being gentle and charming and thus are attractive.
  • They possess the art of making friends easily and can relate to other people in an instant, and act as being great listeners.
  • Individuals with the moon in Libra turn out to be excellent planners and strategists due to their eye for detail.
  • Intellectual stimulation is a must for them in any relationship.
  • They value their home and family and are very affectionate.
  • They are attracted towards the arts and possess a great aesthetic sense.
  • Usually, they don’t like violence and aggression and are very friendly in nature.
  • These individuals tend to bring out the best in others through their encouraging and friendly behaviour.
  • Such individuals are natural diplomats and are good at enlisting the support of others in fulfilling their goals.

Negative Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Libra are often found to be flirtatious in nature. They use their refinement and charm to seduce the members of opposite sex and overindulge in it.
  • Such individuals are also found to be fickle in nature and may often change their mind and stance on friendships.
  • One huge flaw which these individuals cannot help to avoid is that they see flaws in their relationships and everywhere around them. This will continue to pester them until and unless these flaws are not fixed and they tend to harp over it.
  • They tend to have an argumentative streak in them and are fixated on having the last word in any argument, which makes them annoying.
  • These individuals also have tendencies towards overindulging, being impractical and inconsistent in their personal life.
  • Another great drawback in them is that they are very uncertain and indecisive in nature and tend to take a great deal of time in arriving over even small small decisions.

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