Virgo Moon Sign (23rd August to 22nd September)

KANYA RASHI ~ Moon Sign Virgo – The Moon in Virgo

Moon Sign Traits

  • Individuals with the moon in Virgo are usually simple in nature and prefer to live a quite life without the glare of public eye.
  • They look for small small things in their life to seek happiness and contentment. It is the small and insignificant matters in life like plucking flowers from a garden that give them real happiness.
  • It is in their basic nature to not only take care of themselves, but to take care of others as well. Thus, such individuals are of extremely helpful nature and will be first to lend a helping hand to those in distress.
  • These individuals love to have a routine in their life. They cannot do without a routine and if it is missing in their lives, they tend to feel that something is amiss in their life and they are not in their true elements due to it. They tend to act in a fussy manner and are often labelled as complainers as they cannot function properly without having a routine in their life.
  • Due to such characteristics, they love to take on such jobs or tasks in which lot of detailing is required or which has a great scope for micromanagement of things and situations.
  • Such individuals are always averse to public displays of affection and most of the times get repulsed because of that.
  • Such individuals tend to be shy in meeting up new people. However, once they get to know them and gradually open up, they are in their own elements and strike a good rapport with them.
  • Additionally, they are born sceptics in nature and tend to be over critical of themselves as well.

Positive Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Virgo are simple people with no frills attached to them.
  • They prefer to live a quite unassuming life far from the public sphere.
  • However, they are very helpful in nature and love to help those who are in need.
  • Such individuals tend to live their life in a set routine and seldom deviate from it.
  • They have an eye for detail and are extremely dexterous in the micromanagement of things and situations.
  • Thus, they usually love such kinds of jobs that require care of small small things to be taken and excel in that.
  • Such individuals generally are trustworthy in nature and also are dependable in nature.
  • They tend to grasp the entire dynamics of a situation quite easily and thus are able to give relevant advice that is advantageous.
  • They tend to react fast in a situation of crisis and due to their practicality, crisis situations are successfully taken care of. Thus, they are handy people to have around and combined with their helpful nature, are always useful to people.
  • They have a knack for counselling and possess great talent of comforting others and making them feel better in a situation causing discomfort.
  • They are full of curiosity and they always like to stay busy.
  • For such individuals, being happy means feeling that they have their life in their control and don’t aspire for other materialistic desires.

Negative Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Virgo tend to be low in their self-esteem and love to lead a simple unassuming life. Thus, they may be accused of being as underachievers or not setting high standards for themselves.
  • Also, they are easily stressed when they are out of their comfort zone.
  • Such individuals are highly dependent on their routine and live a kind of regimental life where any kind of deviation is not welcome. They thus tend to be overdependent on their routine and cannot function optimally if the routine is absent from their lives.
  • Such individuals are often labelled as being fussy and complainers who find faults in small small things which other people even don’t notice.
  • In relationships, individuals with the moon in Virgo tend to be shy and intimidated.
  • They tend to be over conscious of themselves and combined with their inherent low self-esteem, can interfere in forming a strong bond with their partner.
  • Also, they tend to be too critical of themselves and others.
  • In addition, they tend not to divulge their feelings and keep them bottled up, which affects the state of their health too.
  • They are born skeptics and insist of find practical uses to everything, which is not possible.



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