Scorpio Moon Sign (24rd October to 22nd November)


VRISHCHIK RASHI ~ Moon Sign Scorpio – The Moon in Scorpio

Moon Sign Traits

  • Individuals with the moon in Scorpio are emotionally intense with an aura of mystery invariably surrounding them.
  • They possess the quality of deciphering the emotional state of anyone and have the ability to see through anyone’s emotions and feelings. This makes them an enigma for others who wonder how do these individuals manage to accomplish such a feat always accurately.
  • They have a constant need for change and excitement. They usually desire for upheavals and continued drama in their lives and thrive on emotional drama.
  • Such individuals don’t believe in half measures and go all out in securing their relationships. They desire total commitment from their partners and don’t waste their time in meaningless relationships.
  • Individuals with the moon in Scorpio have a dynamic and an attractive personality and their entire persona is filled with mystery which often attracts others to them.
  • They strive hard in order to control their intense emotions and possess a gift of intuition. However, they tend to use this gift of intuition for their own gains.
  • These individuals tend to have a strong interest in the occult and the unusual. They are also very creative in nature.
  • All in all, these individuals are charismatic in nature and attract everyone with their mysterious aura.
  • They usually are non conformists in their attitude and don’t necessarily abide by all the rules set by society.

Positive Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Scorpio possess the knack of reading accurately the emotional state and feelings of others.
  • They often have the need of constantly reinventing themselves.
  • Once they have committed themselves to their partner, they tend to be extremely loyal and protective.
  • These individuals posses an attractive and dynamic personality that is shrouded by an aura of mystery. This makes them extremely attractive to the members of the opposite sex and they always seem to ooze sensuality and charm in their persona.
  • They also possess a great power of intuitive ability.
  • Individuals with the moon in Scorpio are passionate and fearless.
  • Such individuals possess the uncanny ability of assessing a person or a situation in within a short duration of time. Such analysis of them is always accurate as they often have a mastery over reading the intricacies of human mind.
  • Also, these individuals usually are intelligent and nurture a high degree of ambition in them.
  • They work tirelessly in the pursuit of achieving their ambition. In other words, once they set their eyes on something, they will get it through their dogged determination and stubbornness.
  • They possess a great fighting spirit and will not admit defeat easily.

Negative Qualities

  • Individuals with the moon in Scorpio are usually extremely secretive in nature.
  • In the matter of relationships, these individuals have a deep fear for betrayal and this may lead them to test their partners often, even if they don’t mean to.
  • Also, they suffer from a great deal of suspicion, and seldom trust anyone with their innermost feelings.
  • Due to their intense emotional nature and a secretive personality, they often come across as intimidating to others.
  • In addition to this, these individuals can be jealous, possessive and self-indulgent. Often these qualities of jealousy and possessiveness can be a dampener in their relationships with others.
  • Also, they can be destructive, both to themselves and others.
  • Their dogged determination often borders on stubbornness, and this stubborn nature of theirs can act as an impediment to achieve success.
  • Such individuals don’t take criticism in a positive sense and retaliate with a deadly sting if they get hurt due to it.

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