Palmistry – Chiromancy Basics

Palmistry – Basics
Palmistry – Its Origin:
Palmistry traditionally originated in India and migrated Greece, Egypt, Persia and Syria in the ancient times. Palmistry (also called Chiromancy) is an integral part of Hindu Vedic Astrology. In India it has been practiced since hundred of years ago.Palmistry: Basic – The Left and Right HandBoth hands are very significant and you cannot ignore one and give importance to the other. Both hands are relevant and very important for study.
The left hand of an individual shows his actual potential while the right hand shows his realistic personality.
The Right hand actually shows the future of a person while left hand shows the past.
Apart from the hands, each line carved in our palm has its own meaning and importance in deciding the fate of our lives.
7 Important Lines:
Heart line: The heart line is situated on the top of the palm under the fingers. This line represents the matters of the heart including our emotional feelings. It represents the emotional side of our mind.
For example: A gridded Heart lines represents that the person is very nervous and highly strung.
Life line: The life line is situated from edge of the palm above the thumbs proceeding towards the wrist. This line represents an individual personality, vitality, physical health and general well-being.
It represents our major life changes and important events of our life.
Head Line: The head line is situated at the edge of the palm under the index finger proceeding towards the outside edge. This line represents an individual’s mind and the way it works which includes our communication style, our learning style and our intellectuality.
Health Line: The Health Line is situated at the bottom of the Palm near the wrist proceeding towards the little finger. This line represents the health issues related to a person which he may face in his future.
Marriage Line: The Marriage lines are short horizontal lines that are situated on the percussive edge of the palm between the heart line and the bottom of the little finger. These lines represent close relationships and marital issues related with a person’s life.
Fate Line: The Fate line is situated at the bottom of the palm near the wrist passing through the center of the palm proceeding towards the middle finger. This line represents an individual life path including his career, successes and obstacles.
Sun Line: The Sun line is situated under the ring finger and according to the interpretations; it represents fame or scandals related to a person’s life.
All these lines are very significant and they impact an individual’s destiny. It is necessary for an expert Palmist to make a detailed study of each line found on the Palm.
With grace and peace,
Vickram Aadityaa

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