What is Astrology?

What is Astrology?

In simplest terms Astrology is the study of the interactions among the Stars and the Planets, based on intricate mathematical cycles.

Astrology is an ancient science that predates both astronomy and psychology.

The idea of astrology is that the Sun, Moon and visible planets influence a person’s character and life, the health of his offspring, the quality of his crops, the quality of his life, the weather; almost every aspect on life.

Astrology deals with the same sort of idea through the concept of Karma: What you do in this lifetime determines what will happen to you in your next lifetime. We could say it is based on the theory of Reincarnation and its principles.

Astrology does not tie you to being a certain way, and it does not predict everything about you. Astrology explains the energy in your life and its potential challenges and possibilities.

Astrology guides you to lead a better life so use it only for direction and guidance.

Remember not to completely depend on it as each one of us has the strength and courage to change things and create our own fate and destiny.

With grace and peace



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