Runes – OTHALA


(O: Ancestral property.)

Pronunciation: “oath-awe-law”

DIVINATORY MEANINGS: Inherited property or possessions, a house, a home. What is truly important to one. Group order, group prosperity. Land of birth, spiritual heritage, experience and fundamental values. Aid in spiritual and physical journeys. Source of safety, increase and abundance. Property, land, inheritance, home, permenance, legacy, synthesis, sense of belonging

MAGICAL USES: for aquiring land or property, to complete a project, to strengthen family ties

ASSOCIATED MYTHS & DEITIES: the nine worlds of Yggdrasil

ANALYSIS: In othala, we find ourselves back in the seemingly mundane realm of wealth and property, just like the first rune, fehu.  However, while cattle represented a more movable, transitory form of wealth, the land is the only thing that lasts.  It can be passed on as a legacy, but more importantly, it defines who we are by defining where we are.  It is, ultimately, our home.

This rune brings us to the seventh cardinal point, which is the centre.    It is the meeting place between Midgard and Asgard; between ourselves and our Gods.  It is the axis around which our lives revolve.  The idea of land or property is only a symbol – we must all find our own “centre” or our “bliss” to give our lives meaning, and this is really the ultimate goal of the runic journey.  We discover that after all our travels and adventures, we all eventually end up going home.  But this doesn’t mean that the travels and adventures are pointless.  On the contrary, it is only through those explorations that our ‘home’ or spiritual centre can have any real meaning for us.  “There’s no place like home” of will have no power to send us there unless we come to truly understand what and where our home is to us.  Conversely, none of lessons learned along the way can be of any real use to us unless we actively integrate them into our ‘mundane’ lives and find that centre point to anchor them to.  Othala not only completes the smaller cycle of the third aett, but also brings us back to the beginning of the futhark itself, only on a higher level.  We may now begin the grand cycle of the runic journey again.

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