Eating According to Your Zodiac Sign – Water and Earth Signs

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Eating according to Your Zodiac Sign – Water & Earth Signs

Water Signs: Avoid the Oil


Comfort food come hither! Ruling over the home and tradition, this sign is known for creating a sense of comfort and belonging. They enjoy intimate, cozy surroundings. Claim a spot on the couch with tasty food and you won’t be sorry.

  • Eat: Wheat, whole-grain rye, rice, oats, fruits, bananas, steamed vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, beets, pumpkins, cucumbers, seaweed, vegan yogurt, beans, and natural sugars
  • Avoid: Oily foods, salt, sweets, and refined sugar


Scorpios have an intense love affair with food. Their intensity is rivaled by that of the Taurus but the taste buds of a scorpion are much more complex and adept at tasting richness.

  • Eat: Fruits, bananas, black cherries, coconut, steamed vegetables, green salads, leeks, cauliflower, onions, radishes, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, beets, beans, lentils, and almonds
  • Avoid: Oily foods, yeasty foods, salt, sweets, and refined sugar


A love of all things seafood defines the Pisces palate. This is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac and will probably appreciate a good plate presentation.

  • Eat: Wheat, whole-grain cereals, rice, oats, fruits, apples, grapes, oranges, lemons, peaches, plums, steamed vegetables, spinach, onions, seaweed, beans, dates, and natural sugars
  • Avoid: Coffee, oily foods, yeasty foods, asparagus, salt, sweets, and refined sugar

Earth Signs: Keep Things Light


One must not immediately associate sensuality or luxury the the Bull. However, those born under the Taurus sign associate great emotional pleasure with good food. Try rich savoury bites like juicy cuts of chicken, or a decandent chocolate dessert.

  • Eat: Cranberries, asparagus, beets, cauliflower, cucumbers, spinach, onions, radishes, pumpkin, nuts, beans, and horseradish
  • Avoid: Rich and heavy foods, and excessive amounts of carbohydrates


The earth sign Virgo is a purist and naturalist who is most likely to be found in the granola section of Whole Foods. They are well versed in the origins of food and expect a certain quality of the bites they choose to eat.

  • Eat: Whole grains and cereals, oats, fruit salads, fruit juices, lemon juice, bananas, oranges, leafy greens, vegetables with spices, sprouts, soups, teas, and almonds
  • Avoid: Rich and heavy foods, and chocolate


A traditional eater, the Capricorn is observant and perhaps status-conscious in their habits.

  • Eat: Rice, fruit salads, fruit juices, oranges, lemons, vegetables with spices, cabbage, corn, potatoes, sprouts, soups, teas, peanuts, figs, and flaxseeds
  • Avoid: Rich and heavy foods, spicy foods, and chocolate



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