Tarot and Planets – The Sun

19-the sun.png

The Sun



The “inner king”. All planets in our solar system revolve around the sun, which is the symbol of our basic nature; our whole essence comes from the position of the sun at our birth, which is reflected in our sun sign. The Sun is associated with a sense of power and represents our divine inner spark—the vital force that urges us to seek greater expression of our nature.

Ruler of: Leo; in the physical body the Sun rules the heart and the blood as carrier of life-sustaining substances.

In Nature: masculine, hot and dry; mildly malefic (due to the heat)

Positive aspects: creativity, independence, courage, strength, success, affection and generosity.

Negative traits: arrogance, over-confidence or lack of confidence, selfishness.

Associated Tarot cards: The Sun, Strength


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