Tarot and Planets – Venus

3-the empress.png


5-the hierophant.png 11-justice.png

Relationships—Inner Strength—Personal Choices

“Goddess of Love”. Venus is associated with love and affection, diplomacy, harmony and beauty. Psychologically Venus represents the need for emotional and material security and therefore indicates how we tend to relate to others and handle our finances.

Ruler of: Taurus (night) and Libra(day); physically, Venus rules the kidneys, bladder and sexual organs.

In Nature: Feminine, moderately cold and moist; benefic.

Positive aspects: physical beauty, pleasant manners, diplomatic, artistic, nurturing

Negative traits: laziness, jealousy, emotional coldness, unfaithfulness, debauchery.

Associated Tarot cards: The Empress, The Hierophant, Justice


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