Tarot and Planets – Mars

16-the tower.png


4-the emperor.png


“God of War”. The fourth planet from the sun, Mars is associated with the inner drive for action, self-manifestation and both positive and negative aggression, as well as the male sex drive. Mars is named after the Roman god of war and is said to be an influencing factor on all people, objects and matters connected to warfare, bloodshed, conquest and destruction. Mars also rules people, who use sharp, metallic objects such as surgeons, butchers, cooks and tailors.

Ruler of: Aries; physically Mars rules the primary sexual organs.

In Nature: Masculine, hot and dry; malefic.

Positive aspects: physical strength, courage, decisiveness, a sense of fair competition

Negative traits: uncontrolled anger, ruthlessness, violence, dishonesty, tyranny.

Associated Tarot cards: The Tower, The Emperor


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