Tarot and Planets – Jupiter

10-the wheel.png


14-the temperance.png


“King of the gods”. Jupiter is named after the Roman king of the gods and is traditionally known as the Greater Benefic, bringer of good fortunes. Jupiter is associated with judges, lawyers, teachers, healers, religious leaders as well as seekers of knowledge and truth. The function of Jupiter is to enlarge, make fruitful and bestow a feeling of being protected and a spirit of hope and optimism. Jupiter influences our self-confidence and our ability to extend our horizons.

Ruler of: Sagittarius; physically Jupiter rules the thighs and liver.

In Nature: Masculine, hot and moist; benefic.

Positive aspects: success, happiness, wisdom, thoughtfulness, honesty, justice.

Negative traits: vanity, self-indulgence, recklessness

Associated Tarot cards: Wheel of Fortune, Temperance


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