Tarot and Planets – Saturn

21-the world.png


15-the devil.png


“God of social order”.  The second largest planet of the solar system used to be regarded as the Greater malefic, associated with loss, hardship, loneliness and death. In modern astrology Saturn’s reputation is more balanced and represents our innate desire for order, form, structure and security. This in turn is connected with generational conflicts, conventional views and issues of fear, repression and control. Saturn rules natural and man-made structures, hierarchies, organisations, authorities, the karmic law of cause and effect and even time itself.

Ruler of: Capricorn; physically Saturn rules the skeleton.

In Nature: Masculine, cold and dry, melancholic and malefic.

Positive aspects: discipline, patience, reliability, honesty, practical talents, responsibility.

Negative traits: rigidity, restriction, narrow-mindedness, excessive limitations, fear of life.

Associated Tarot cards: The World, The Devil


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