Tarot and Planets – Uranus

0-the fool.png


17-the star.png

Inner Voice—Change—Idealism

“God of the sky”. The first Trans-Saturnian planet was discovered in 1781 shortly before the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789. Due to this timing, Uranus is associated with non-conformity and revolutionary tendencies; it is also an indicator of new discoveries, sudden and unexpected events, disruptions and unpredictable occurrences. Uranus is linked with modern technology, electricity, aviation and space travel. Psychologically, it represents the individual’s need for self-realisation and freedom from restrictions.

Ruler of: Aquarius; physically Uranus rules ankles, calves and the nervous system .

In Nature: Masculine

Positive aspects: originality, inventiveness, independence

Negative traits: stubbornness, impracticality, uncontrolled emotional outbursts, delusions

Associated Tarot cards: The Fool, The Star


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