Tarot and Planets – Neptune

12-the hanged man.png


18-the moon.png

Inspiration—Obligation—The Collective

“God of the sea”. Neptune, the eighth planet from the sun, is linked with the unseen and mysterious. Neptune dissolves boundaries, such as between the conscious and unconscious, between individuals and between truth and illusion. Neptune represents our vision of perfection and our ideals. For most of us this will be our fantasy world, an escape of reality. Neptune gives inspiration to poets, artists, musicians, mystics and humanitarians.

Ruler of: Pisces; physically Neptune rules feet and circulation.

In Nature: Feminine

Positive aspects: sensitivity, compassion, empathy, spirituality, psychism, imagination

Negative traits: delusion, deception, drug abuse, apathy, neediness, irrational fears

Associated Tarot cards: The Hanged Man, The Moon


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