Tarot and Planets – Pluto



 13-the death.png

The Unconscious—Transformation—Letting Go

“God of the underworld”. The smallest and most dense planet of the solar system, Pluto is associated with sexuality, physical and spiritual birth, with death and resurrection. It symbolises old patterns that need to be eliminated if we are to grow and develop. Pluto forces us to come to terms with the darker, more instinctive side of nature. If we try to avoid it, the result will be havoc, physical and emotional upheaval.

Ruler of: Scorpio; physically Pluto rules the prostrate, skin, finger and toe nails, cancer cells.

In Nature: Masculine

Positive aspects: psychological insight; the ability to heal and regenerate with radical creativity

Negative traits: obsessive compulsive tendencies

Associated Tarot cards: Judgement, Death


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