Influence of Books

The Influence of Books

My life is a aggregation of influences.

Most of those influences are people.

Yet, I cant point to any one person who has played a “larger than life” role.

Each has their place in sculpting me into what I am today, chipping away here and there, creating me, changing me, to who and what I am.

Many have been a blessing to me.

None that I can think of have stepped beyond their place and prompted a complete change in direction in my life.

In contrast to the people, I can point to several books that had immediate and lasting influence on my life.

Maybe the difference between people and books is that I can go back to the books and find them unchanged.

I can find within the pages the same message that spoke to my soul and prompted change in my living.

I often feel like I’m an alien in my world.

As someone told me not long ago, ‘You have a different way of looking at things’, ‘You are not normal’.  It wasn’t meant as a positive description. Being different is often lonely.

The recent additions to my list of influential books have been those that make me feel that there are others like me in other places.

How refreshing it has been to discover successful writers who are citizens of both those seemingly incompatible countries and who make a living expressing my core beliefs in written form and selling them.

I didn’t even know they were mentionable, let alone marketable.

I don’t know that I’ve incorporated enough to be even moderately effective, but some books have made a huge difference in my life.

What a blessing the printing press has been to me……………………………………….

With grace and peace,

Vicky joshi


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