Life Is Possible Only In Insecurity

Every man creates a certain psychological security , unaware of the fact that his security is his prison.

People are surrounded by all kinds of insecurities; hence the natural desire is to create a protection.

This protection becomes bigger and bigger as you become more alert to the dangers you are living through. Your prison cell becomes smaller; you start living so much protected that life itself be comes impossible.

Life is possible only in insecurity. While you are protecting yourself, you are destroying your very life. Protection is death, because only those who are dead in their graves are absolutely protected. Now nothing more is going to happen.

Do you want the security of a graveyard? Unknowingly that’s what everyone is trying to do. By money, power, prestige, social conformity, by belonging to a herd religious, political by being part of a family, a nation, what are you seeking? Just an unknown fear surrounds you, and you start creating as many barriers as possible between you and the fear. But those same barriers are going to prevent you from living.

There is a difference between survival and living. Survival is only a dragging from cradle to grave. When is the grave going to come? In the space between cradle and grave, why be afraid? Death is certain and you don’t have anything to lose, you come without anything. Your fears are just projections.

If you could avoid death, then naturally it would be perfectly right to create barriers between you and death. But you cannot avoid it. Death is there; once accepted it loses all fear, nothing can be done about it. When nothing can be done about it, then why be bothered?

Soldiers going to the war field are trembling. Who is going to return and who is not going to return is not known, but it is possible that perhaps they themselves may not be returning home. But psychologists have been observing a strange phenomenon: as they reach the war front, all their fears disappear. They start fighting very playfully.

Once death is accepted, then where is the sting in it? Once they know that death is possible at any moment – then they can forget all about it.

Once the certainty , unavoidability and inescapability is accepted, then rather than crying and complaining and dragging yourself towards the grave, why not dance? Why not make the most of the time that you have between cradle and grave? Why not live every moment to such totality that if the next moment never comes, there is no complaint?

You can die joyously because you have lived joyously.

We have not allowed life’s insecurity to be our very religion. Our gods are our security, as are our virtues, knowledge and our relationships. We are wasting our whole life in accumulating security bonds.

Meanwhile, a tremendously beautiful life is slipping out of your hands. The trees are so beautiful because they don’t know the fear of insecurity . Wild animals have such grandeur because they don’t know that there is death. The flowers can dance in the sun and in rain because they are not concerned about what is going to happen in the evening. Their petals will fall, and just as they had appeared from an unknown source, they will disappear back into the same unknown source.

But meanwhile, between these two points of appearance and disappearance, you have the opportunity either to dance or to despair.

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa –

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