2015 – A Truthful Year!

Accept Yourself! Spread Light and Only Spread Truth!

Hello Friend!

As we welcome this New Year 2015, let me wish you from the depths of my heart warm greetings for the glorious year ahead!

The Year when we, the beings on this planet, discovers our innate abilities of miraculous creation as a normal way of living.

When we learn to understand and appreciate and communicate with our fellow beings.

There is no space for ego-centrism in this new world order. Collective decisions, collective responsibility and collective action become the hall mark of the new living.

In collectivity we find our joy of creation, peace in harmony and bliss.

Knowing that every word, action and thought affect our Universe.

For knowing our intimate and inextricable connection with everything around is an understanding for us to remember. Witnessing everything with total detachment is another understanding while knowing our special place in the scheme of things that are unfolding now.

The period when we finally understand how our reality is shaped by these words. How our peace and bliss are so very closely associated with the change in our energy, vibration and frequency of understanding.

It’s the period when we understand how every time we connect with our inner truth, Universe lifts our frequency of understanding and wisdom.

Accept Yourself! Spread Light and Only Spread Truth!

Wishing you all the Best!

With grace and peace,
Dr. Vickram Aadityaa (Vicky)


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