Above All, Don’t Wobble!

There is no final goal to life. Life is goal-less…. And that is the beauty of it!

If there were a goal, things would not be so beautiful, because one day you would come to the very end, and then everything after that would be just boring. There would be repetition, repetition, repetition; the same monotonous state would continue-and life abhors monotony. It goes on creating new goals- because it has none. Once you attain to a certain state then life gives you another goal. The horizon goes on and on running in front of you; you never reach it, you are always on the way- always reaching, just reaching. And if you understand that, then the whole tension of the mind disappears, because the tension is to seek, to arrive somewhere.

Mind is continuously hankering for arrival, and life is a continues departure and arrival again- but arriving just to depart once more. There is no finality to it. It is never perfect, and that’s its perfection. It is a dynamic process, not a dead, static thing. Life is not stagnant. It is flowing and flowing… and there is no other shore. Once you understand this you start enjoying the journey itself. Each step is a goal, and there is no goal. This understanding, once its settles deep into your inner core, relaxes you. Then there is no tension because there is anywhere to go, so you cannot go astray.

If there is a goal, there is the fear of going astray. If there is goal, there is the fear of failure. You cannot be a failure! Life does not allow any failure. And because there is no goal you cannot be frustrated. If you feel frustrated it is because of your mental goals that too have imposed on life. By the time you have imposed on life. By the time you have reached your goal, the life has left it… just a dead shell of the ideals and the goal remains- and you are frustrated again. The frustration is created by you.

Once you understand that life is never going to be goal- confined, goal- oriented, then you flow in all direction with no fear because there is no failure , there is no success either- and then there is no frustration. Then each moment becomes an intrinsic moment in itself; not that it is leading somewhere, not that it has to be used as a means to some end- it has intrinsic value. Each moment is a diamond, and you go from one diamond to another.- but there is no finality to anything. Life remains alive… there is no death. Finality means death, perfection means death, goal means death. Life knows no death- it goes on changing its forms, shapes. It is an infinity, but to no purpose.

So just be in moment… and be loving- because that is the only way to enjoy the moment.

The Bhagwan


Dr. Vickram Aadityaa – intuitivevicky.com


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