नृसिंह मंत्र – Narsimha Mantra

आपत्ति निवारक नृसिंह मंत्र – Narsimha Mantra to Remove all Obstacles

“Ugram Veeram maha vishnum Jvalantam Sarvato Mukham Nrusinha Bhishanam Bhadram Mrutyur Mrityum Namami Aham”

Lord Narsimha was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and he is known as the ‘Protector’ who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need and distress.

Narsimha is visualized as half man – half lion, having a human-like torso and lower body, with a lion-like face and claws.

This Narsimha Mantra is a very powerful mantra to remove all problems in life.

How to chart this Mantra?

  • Start from Thursday and sit facing North.
  • Wear preferably Yellow clothes specifically for this purpose.
  • Lit a lamp or a candle in front of Lord Narsimha (if may be even Lord Vishnu – if you do not have Lord Narsimha’s photo or statue).
  • Lit incense sticks and offer flowers to the Lord.
  • Chant 5 rosaries – times (108 beads – japa mala x 5 times = 540 times) for a period of 21 days.
  • You should be able to complete chanting this mantra 5 times before sunset everyday.
  • Sit in the early hours of the morning for better results.

With grace and peace,

Vickram Aadityaa


खूप कष्ट घेऊन एखादी गोष्ट लिहिलेली असते, त्यामुळे कोणतीही गोष्ट कट – पेस्ट – कॉपी करताना विचार करा! जनाची नसली तरी थोडीशी मनाची लाज ठेवा!

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