Be Selfish – The World Needs You!

Be selfish, because to me that is the only way to be in the world.

And if everybody is selfish, the world will be very very beautiful. My approach is very selfish. First, look at yourself. First let the light be there. First let love be there.

First let some inner treasure be available there… and then you can share. How can you share something that you don’t have? You want to be loving – good! But do you have love? You would like to be compassionate, but do you have compassion?

Deep inside anger is boiling – and people are trying to be compassionate. Deep down is violence – and people are trying to be of service to others.

Be true to yourself and then only you can be true to others. What come in. The same thing goes out.

My approach is very simple, and my understanding is this – that if everybody is selfish, the world will be very much better. If you can look into your own self, and you can look into your own happiness, if you can create a small pool of happiness within you, you will start vibrating, pulsating with happiness. Whomsoever will come in contact with you will have a little share of it, because whatsoever we are, we are constantly giving it. Life is a continuous give and take. It is a pulsation, just like breathing – you breathe in, you breathe out.

If you are happy, happiness goes out, happiness comes in. If you are celebrating, your breathing becomes a celebration. You touch somebody’s hand and you have transformed that man’s being – at least for a moment; you have given him a glimpse, a taste. And of course you are related to many people, in many ways…. They all will start feeling.

Many many people who are selfish are needed in the world – they will become the powerful source of happiness. And then whatsoever you feel like doing, you do. If you want to serve a beggar, serve. But first things first. Otherwise you cannot serve anybody because you have not served even yourself.

So live truly, authentically, sincerely – that is the most fundamental thing. Learn life! Don’t learn how to serve. Service comes as a shadow. A really alive person is continuously sharing his energy – whatsoever he has – because he knows that the more you share, the more you have.

So my suggestion is: first be selfish, then altruism will come on its own accord. Then it has a beauty… a totally different quality. Then you are not a do-gooder. You don’t impose anything on anybody. You are a sharer, and to whomsoever accepts some-thing from you, you feel grateful, because he has accepted something from you. Then there is no ego trip.

Make yourself happy and then make others happy. Accept yourself first then you will find no trouble in accepting others. Love yourself and then you’ll love others. Be kind to yourself and then you’ll be kind to others. Forgive yourself and you’ll learn to forgive others.Liberate yourself and you’ll be able to liberate others. Be Selfish! Put yourself first!

Let’s all promise ourselves to be Selfish and make this World still more beautiful!

With grace and peace,

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa

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