Professional Tarot Cards Reading Course

15 days intensive course. 2 to 3 hours daily, depending on the module. No holidays.

Intuitive Psychic Vicky’s

Professional Tarot Cards Reading Course

Course Details:-

This course is meant for people who wish to be Professional Tarot Card Readers.

Material Provided: – (Included in fees)

1) Printed Notes for each module – Total 12 Modules.

2) Rider and Waite Tarot Cards Deck.

3) Certificate of Completion after final written examination.

Course Duration:-

15 days intensive course. 2 to 3 hours daily, depending on the module. No holidays. Final written examination will be conducted by the end of the course for issuance of completion certificate.


Baner, Pune, Maharashtra. India.

Course Medium:

English, Marathi & Hindi

The Course Contents:-

  • Origin of Tarot Cards. A little history, some philosophy and a rationale.
  • How Tarot reading works?
  • Meaning of the Major & Minor Arcana Cards (upright & reverse meanings of each card).
  • Meaning of the Signs, Symbols, Picture, Colours used in the Tarot Cards and their significance.
  • Interpretation of single card, cards within a spread according to the question at hand.
  • Daily reading
  • The Inner and Outer Environment
  • Writing a question and Answering the Question
  • Different types of Card Spreads (Common Layouts used).
  • Interpretation of different spreads according to the questions and circumstance.
  • Remedies and Solutions – How to suggest remedies and give solutions?
  • Cleansing, Maintenance & Charging Of Tarot Decks
  • Tarot Cards and Zodiac – the definite relationship
  • Why intuition is necessary to predict through Tarot Cards?
  • Creating the story
  • Tarot Cards are not for entertainment purpose – Some final thoughts

For further details and to register yourself please call: +917030100003 OR write to: OR register Yourself today! Please fill the form below with all details.

Enroll Now for the batch starting on 1st of June 2015

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