Perception and Spirituality

We do acknowledge a system of philosophical and religious concepts or even philosophy of life but in living reality only when certain conditions of mind and heart are fulfilled we tend to perceive it.

We wish to realize the supreme truth through spirituality but we must translate our spiritual ideas into spiritual life in order to bring about change in conditions of our mind and heart.

We must be determined to know this supreme reality and provide gradually the necessary conditions for this purpose.

Pursuit of intellectual knowledge, without actually bringing change in our lives and translating this theoretical knowledge into real perception and actual experience is so very important.

It might be futile exercise to know much of this supreme and unique knowledge but not live it and experience it.

We must study and disseminate the truths of spiritual life but it calls for serious engagement in the realization of the truth of the spirituality or divine wisdom.

Temples, Churches or any religious institution may offer you the platform to seek divine truths but it would be meaningless if we realize truth and are not in touch with innermost realities of life.

Dissemination of ideas concerning the realities and ideals of spiritual life will thus prepare the ground for the gradual growth of the spiritual outlook and the realization of spiritual truths. So a well-directed and widespread effort should be made to dig deep in the deeper realms of experience and realization.

Progress in the life of spirit results in acquiring a progressively deeper perception of spiritual truth and their expression in the life of the individual, but it is necessary to remember that this expression is based to a great extent on perception and mot on the deliberate regulation of one’s life according to a definite and rigid code of conduct.

The life of spirit is a natural expression of what we perceive directly or sense intuitively and not a blind following of what others ask us to do.

It is not something where you follow the scriptures, doctrines, rituals, or the books of wisdom without clearly perceiving or intuitively sensing spirituality.

It has thus the quality of freshness, naturalness and effortlessness, which immediately attracts us and silently affects our life and outlook.

An individual who senses intuitively that all life is one will behave towards others with real feelings of sympathy and tenderness and help them under all circumstances naturally and effortlessly.

Here we speak of empathy too.

Imagine this as an intellectual ideal devoid of empathy, and at best it will conform the outer code of behavior which lacks warmth and capacity to inspire confidence in other people.

Thus we realize that real knowledge or spirituality concerning to the supreme truth – divines wisdom is not a matter of intellectual comprehension but of spiritual perception.

This actually means that these truths no longer remain interesting or even inspiring ideas but realities of direct experiences.

The truth hence is reflected in its true form in the field of our consciousness and not merely as a shadow on the screen of our mind.

The spiritual experience we consider here is an extraordinary experience but the very essence for self-realization is to understand its nature and learn to distinguish it from mere intellectual comprehension.

If we are to bring this inner spiritual transformation of consciousness we have to progressively sharpen or refine our perceptive faculty so that we can perceive deeper significance in the context of our mind without changing the nature of that content.

It is this sharpening or refining process which carried out to the extreme limit enables us to perceive ultimate reality that pervades and contains the manifested universe but remain unknown for lack of perception.

Since your brain – intelligence is the faculty or power of perception, the reality is perceived only by gradually sharpening the power of perception.

It is a matter of slow growth when you become more sensitive and the mind becomes more pure.

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa

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