Live in Gratitude!


To live in gratitude is to live in God.

To live in gratitude means to see the gift that existence has given to us. It is so immense, so invaluable.

We have not earned it… we are not worthy of it. It has been showered on us for no reason — it is very unreasonable!

Because it is unreasonable, gratitude has to be there.

If we had earned it there would be no need to be grateful. We have not paid for it; it is just out of God’s overflowing energy that we live, that we love. It is so mysterious to be.

It is not the “how” of existence that is a mystery, but that it is.

It is almost unbelievable that I am, that you are, that these people are, that these trees and these stars are. There is no reason for it to be. It is very unreasonable, it is very illogical. If it were not there we could not have complained about it. It is there but we have not given thanks for it.

Feel grateful for everything that has happened to you and that is happening and that is going to happen. Feel grateful for very small things, because they are not small.

Just a rose flower you have seen in the early morning…. It looks so small but it contains the whole existence, the whole universe. And what beauty, what benedictionl

A child has laughed looking at you. It is God laughing — it is his gesture.

You see the sunset in the evening…. It seems impossible that people don’t bow down when they see the sunset. It seems they have become hard stones. It seems their hearts beat no more; otherwise they would have cried out of joy. Tears would have come to their eyes, tears of bliss and gratitude.

This is my message to you: learn to be grateful, and once you start being grateful you will be surprised — every day there are a thousand and one occasions to be grateful.

Then each moment, each occasion of being grateful, becomes a contact with God.

With grace and peace,

Dr Vickram Aadityaa

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