Why You should not ask everyone to read Your Horoscope?

That is what I say to people all the time. Do not show your horoscopes to everyone – every astrologer you come in contact with.

But I have also learnt that people don’t really listen so does it really matter?

You don’t go to every doctor in the city and get a diagnosis. You don’t just google the number of 100 doctors and visit them one after the other!

You find one good reliable doctor and you go to him with your problems. If his suggestions work, you don’t go to another.

Why would anyone treat his body as a playground that you would let anyone and everyone slice it open to play with.

Just like that, your destiny isn’t a playground and you shouldn’t let a lot of people play with it. If you have faith in your astrologer, stick to him/her. If you don’t have faith in him/her, don’t go back to them.

Find another good one, and stick to him/her. If you cant find a good astrologer, do not stick to the predictions and recommendations given by others who haven’t been accurate.

But what people do is that they consult from at least 10 astrologers or sometimes even more. They go to the first one and then the second. Then they go to both and ask why their opinions differ. Then they go to a third one and ask which remedies to follow. They just keep shuffling from one person to another and getting predictions verified and cross examined.

Well, astrology doesn’t work that way! Not only will it frustrate you with anxiety for future, but it also frustrates the astrologer when you put forth ridiculous queries.

I have had people come to me and say that they will not follow the remedy because some other astrologer has told them something else. And yet they would say that astrologer wasn’t able to predict correctly.

I wonder about the thought process – does it make sense? Same way, I am pretty sure some people would have gone to that same astrologer too and he would have told things which I wouldn’t have. And perhaps they would have told him that they won’t follow what he said because I have asked them not to do it.

There are even greater men who would go to two astrologers and follow recommendations by both even if they contradict each other. It’s hilarious!

I have had clients who have come to me after going to the top 10 astrologers in India. I cannot name them here as it would go against my professional ethics and the most illogical question that I have to answer to these people is why did this astrologer say this and why am I saying that? Normally people discuss what the others said rather than focusing at their problems or issues at hand.

Do you see how irritating it becomes for an astrologer to address the predictions made by someone else. And if at all I answer, it is not seen as a justification; but people consider it to be my stand against some other astrologer.

While many of these top astrologers are my friends and will still understand me because they know me well, I am not sure that when I meet up with them again, I receive a friendly welcome because people would have already agitated them against me as they agitate me against them.

I have had a few clients in the recent past who went to the top 5 astrologers in India. These clients sent me their predictions in form of voice notes and asked me why these 5 top guys would have said so and why it didn’t happen!

Well, if you seek proper answers, ask the relevant questions. If you want to debate, start a debating club. Why would I want to spend time evaluating someone else’s predictions?

Others have their own methodologies and they are who they are. they have definitely earned their name with merit. If they fail, it could be a matter of chance or whatever. Why would I want to spend my time evaluating them?

A person who shows his/her horoscope to too many astrology does at least one of the following things:

  • He encourages astrologers to criticize one another

  • He goes door to door finding an astrologer who would predict only the good things and can make good thing happens. Does anyone carry a magic wand?

  • He goes about just like people read a health magazine. Page one says drink water and you start drinking lots of water. Page two says eat protein and you start on a protein diet. Page three says hit the gym, and he hits the gym.

  • He goes from astrologer to another astrologer trying to find anything and everything he can to change his/her luck.

  • He/she follows every single advice and ends up more confused and disoriented and starts loosing confidence, faith in self – He reaches to the same point from where he started in the first place.

  • He still has the same problems and moreover he lands up adding some more to his kitty.

The point is, be aware, have a presence of mind, a little common sense and follow an astrologer who can interpret the best for you and pay heed to their advice.

Reputed astrologers are a few and in India you will find astrologers in thousands or maybe in millions. Just read a book, or moreover google every question and voila You are ready to predict! Most of them claim to solve problems by miracles and Vashikaran? Do you know how incredibly ignorant they all are?

The more people you show your horoscope to, the more stupid you look and more stupid advice you will get and the more frustrated you would become.

I have seen people staring at the full moon for an hour each month because someone told them it would help them improve their financial condition and give them peace of mind. I even know women who stare for an hour everyday at Shri Krishna’s photo hung up on the wall so that they will have a beautiful child someday.

With grace and peace,

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa


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